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Date & Time: 14th of November, 4pm CET

Topic: Tech Entrepreneurs Turned Investors: A Deep Dive into Alternative Assets

Join us as we uncover the compelling journey of Stefan Tittel, the visionary behind Quantumrock, a pioneering force propelling gemstones as a prime investment avenue. With a legacy of shaping and scaling four remarkable FinTech initiatives, Stefan’s ventures have culminated in strategic exits, amassing over USD 200 million. Outside the digital realm, Stefan’s investment prowess extends to real estate, his own entrepreneurial endeavors, and the glittering allure of gemstones.

Hosted By: Stephan Heller, Founding Partner of AQVC. With his own entrepreneurial saga, Stephan offers an unmatched lens into the realm of transformative investments.

Key Discussion Points:

  • The Quintessential Nature of Venture Capital in Today’s Economy
  • The Evolving Dynamics of Fundraising
  • Architecting a Portfolio Strategy: Tailored Insights for HNWI, Family Offices, and Investors eyeing a blend of technology, passion, and alternative assets.

Why Attend?

As a High Net Worth Individual or a representative of a Family Office, you’re always on the lookout for unique investment avenues. In this webinar, you’ll explore the synergy of tech and passion, gaining insights into assets like venture capital and the intriguing world of gemstones.

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About quantumrock

quantumrock is a pioneering financial company dedicated to unearthing new asset classes for professional and institutional investors. With a focus on gemstones as a viable asset class, quantumrock offers unique, asset-backed investment products. The company’s innovative approach and robust, scalable Luxembourg-law compliant investment platform aim to securitize assets and launch compelling exchange-listed investment products. Learn more at

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